Quarter 4 Assignments

These are the assignments that will be counted for 4th quarter.
CST Notebook Check (3 weeks of test practice before the CST's)
Know Thy Self/ What Interests Me notebook check
  • Me Personally
  • My ideal Self
  • My individuality
  • Career Values Inventory
  • Possible Careers and College Majors
  • Thinking about college
  • What I want in a college
  • The ideal College
  • Finding College that Fit (Guided Internet lesson)
  • College Research Worksheet
Where to go Notebook Check
  • My list of Colleges
  • Pros and cons list for 4 schools
  • Financial Aid Research
UC Personal Statement Summative
  • College Board Account
  • Kpax Account
Career Plan and Resume Summative Assessment
  • GPA Goal Setting/Spread Sheet
Timeline of their 5 Year Plan
SoapStone Owl Creek Bridge Formative Assessment
Letter to John Adams Soapstone Summative Assessment
Soapstone Notebook Check
Final Exam Study Guide (not graded, but needs to be done to take the final)
Final Exam