The Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge

The Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge (Part of your SOAPSTone Notebook Check)

"This story is set in the Deep South during the Civil War (1861-1865). Peyton Farquhar, a Southern geneleman, is being hanged by Union Souliders for plotting to damage the Owl Creek Bridge, a bridge in Union-held territory. As Farquhar awaits execution, the perspective of the story changes, and the readers acconmany Farquhar on an indredicble escapte to his home in family. As you read theis tory, keep in ming that Souther soldiers wore gray uniforms, and Norhtern troops wore blue." (Holt Lterature and Language Arts, Fifth Course)
Use the audio below to listen to the story. One of the interesting parts of this story is that it uses flashback, which is a scene that interups the normal chronological sequence to depict somehting that happened earlier. The historical context is also important in this story. The historical contex is that this story is the American South during the Civil War. How do you think this backgroaund is important to the story? How did the south feel about the north? Why was the country in so much turmoil? How would that affect a story set during this time.

Read pages 454-466 answer all questions pg 456 1-10 in your interactive notebook.